Replace double glazing

Glass affects your energy bill

Saving money on the energy bill starts with the proper insulation of your home, office or business space. What kind of glass you have in your window frames is essential for that. After all, an important part of insulation is good double glazing. We are happy to advise you on all possibilities and deliver various types of glazing up to and including HR + and HR ++.

This can we deliver:
• Float glass
• Double glass HR+ (9mm - 12mm)
• Double glass HR ++ (from 15mm)
• Figure glass
• Safety glass
• Fire resistant glass
• Plexiglass
• Stained glass
You can contact us freely to discuss your glass wishes.

Glass laths and aluminum profiles
The finish of windows leaves something to be desired. For example, slats are often fixed with material that is not rust-resistant. Or less qualitative timber is used, not well sealed or holes are not sealed. Precisely because these slats provide the drainage of your window, it ultimately goes wrong. After all, moisture enters the holes, cracks and seams. And this results in wood rot, the warping of wood and sealant edges that break. And then it is still a matter of time whether the water seeps into your home.

IIn Zoetermeer many aluminum glazing beads have been used. These give a lot of problems. That is why 079-Schilderwerken started a project to replace aluminum profiles for hardwood glazing beads.

Curious about our approach? Contact us and we will gladly inform you about it.