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Multi-year maintenance plan

No more overdue maintenance

Painting requires good maintenance. Periodic maintenance prevents premature aging and provides added value for your property. We are happy to draw up a long-term maintenance plan so that your home, office or business premises remain in top condition for years.

The long-term maintenance plan concerns a tailor-made plan that we adapt to your specific situation. The plan has a term of five or 10 whereby we agree a fixed amount per year in advance. In the first year, we perform an initial treatment. During the term of the contract, a complete repainting is performed at least once.

In short, never more overdue maintenance or financial surprises, but your painting year after year in perfect condition, without you having to worry about it. The multi-year maintenance plan is interesting for both the private and business market. Owners' associations are soon obliged to have a multi-year maintenance plan. Please feel free to contact us without obligation.