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For performing all-round carpentry

Even if you try to maintain your property as well as possible, it may happen that replacement is necessary. 079-Schilderwerken performs all common carpentry work for you.

• Replacement of frame / post parts
• Install new windows / frames / posts
• Hinges and locks
• Roof covering
• New doors and suspension
• Façade cladding (trespa / sheet metal / buoy parts)
• Drainage / glass battens• Paneling and finishing

Place hardwood frames

Not every home has been provided with a good and strong piece of wood from the construction. For example, in order to save costs, types of wood with a shorter lifespan are often used in construction. These types of wood are therefore susceptible to damage, moisture and mold.

That is why 079-Schilderwerken offers you the option of having your home fitted with new sustainable hardwood frames. This can also be accompanied by the switch to double glazing. Please contact us for more information.

079-Schilderwerken works with the best professionals for optimum results.